Alkira Cloud Area Networking, Ireland's Energy Mess, and More

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And just like that we're closing up another month as well as the quarter, which means 1) summer is here in the US, 2) earnings season is approaching, and 3) another big thank you is in order for this months sponsor. With that said, thank you Nokia for your patronage and sponsorship of the Foundations newsletter for the month of June. Nokia makes networking and communications equipment and software for a variety of networks including IP, optical, data center, and mobile, plus plenty more. Be sure to check out the latest GigaOm Radar for Data Center Switching that highlights Nokia as an out-performer among competitors.

Thank you Nokia for sponsoring Foundations for the month of June.

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Your Weekly Briefing

Cloud Networking

Alkira, a cloud networking startup launched in 2020 by SD-WAN pioneers and Viptela founders introduced Cloud Area Networking, a progression in its messaging and how the company is defining its multi-cloud networking platform. Alkira’s cloud network fabric is “100% built in the cloud” and provides customers with network functions and connectivity to the cloud, in the cloud, and between clouds. Link

AWS Direct Connect now supports all Local Zones in the US. Previously, customers could only connect to local zones via their parent region, with the exception of Los Angeles, which already has a native on-ramp. With this update, traffic will be forwarded via the shortest path between DX locations. Link

Traefik Labs wants to simplify the management and automation of container networking with its new Traefik Hub platform, providing customers with a gateway to Kubernetes and Docker environments, allowing them to easily publish, secure, and scale containers. Link

Cloudflare One Week highlighted Zero Trust innovations and product updates—including a new Cloudflare One partner program, inline DLP protection, the launch of a vendor-agnostic guide to Zero Trust and many more announcements from yet another infamous innovation week from Cloudflare.

Other Cloud News and Updates

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Oracle Reinforces Commitment to France by Opening a Second Cloud Region

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Storage Wars: R2 vs S3 with New Pricing from Cloudflare

Introducing DigitalOcean Support Plans

Data Centers

EdgeConnex announced $1.7B in new financing via ABS and a multi-currency ESG term-loan as the company continues to grow its global data center footprint, which has seen a substantial uptick in activity since EQT’s majority investment back in 2020. Link

Aligned announced the development of its third hyperscale data center in the Salt Lake City market, which will bring 100 MW of capacity to its West Jordan, UT campus. Google Cloud’s Salt Lake City region (us-west3) is partially hosted in a current Aligned Data Center according to public information identifying the site as a cloud on-ramp location, and since Aligned is not in the retail colocation business where cloud on-ramps are typically deployed, it’s obvious that not only the on-ramp but also one of or part of the us-west3 region availability zones is hosted there. Link

H5 Data Centers is adding another legacy carrier hotel to its portfolio with the announced acquisition of 505 Marquette in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. Link

Layer 9 Data Centers closed a Series A investment for an undisclosed amount, led by several veteran data center investors, as well as LBS power. Layer 9 is planning to develop a 64 MW data center campus  (2x32MW data centers) in the the Bajio region of Mexico. In a Form D filing w/ the SEC, the company raised ~$7M in late May this year, but it is unclear if that was a prior seed round or part of the Series A investment announced last week. Link

The land grab for data center development continues with news of Amazon buying ~60 acres in Gainesville, Northern Virginia and Google buying ~125 acres in Hamina, Finland for hyperscale data centers to support the insane growth of the cloud.

Data Center Knowledge published (and later removed) an article pointing to what may potentially be a bigger mess for the state of energy in Ireland. According to several parties, EirGrid is blaming data centers, but sources are also saying the country doesn’t have the infrastructure to generate enough power to cover existing demand. Link (via Internet Archive)

Market Insights and Analytics

Ericsson published its Mobility Report for June 2022, highlighting:

  • Mobile network traffic doubled globally in the past two years.
  • Traffic growth driven by increased smartphone and mobile broadband usage.
  • 5G is scaling faster than all previous generations of mobile technology.
  • Ericsson predicts Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) to exceed 100M connections in 2022, and is forecasted to reach more than 230M by 2027, more than doubling in the next 4 years.
  • 238 of 311 global service providers studied indicated they have an FWA offering.
  • Average monthly data usage per smartphone is expected to pass 15GB in 2022.
  • Mobile data in India has grown 15x in the past 5 years, but the price of data continues to rise with the current average for 1GB costing $0.68.

Full Report

Updated Research from TeleGeography emphasizes the massive growth of global bandwidth, highlighting:

  • International bandwidth doubled between 2019 and 2021, reaching ~2,900 Tbps.
  • Content and Cloud providers (Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft mostly) account for nearly ~70% of international capacity used in 2021.
  • In 2021, content and cloud providers accounted for ~92% of used capacity on Trans-Atlantic routes, but only 21% on Euro-East Asia routes.
  • Bandwidth capacity added by content and cloud providers grew at a CAGR of at least ~51% across all regions between 2017 and 2021.
  • Bandwidth capacity added by content and cloud providers grew at a CAGR of over 100% in Africa and the Middle east between 2017 and 2021.

Synergy Research data shows that revenue from public cloud infrastructure grew 26% y/y, reaching $126B in 1Q22, with IaaS and PaaS growing at 36% and reaching more than $44B in 1Q22.

Other Market Data and Insight Reports Published Recently

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GigaOm says that Nokia outperforms in data center switching

The latest GigaOm Radar for Data Center Switching identifies Nokia as an Outperformer. The report compares the relative value, innovation and maturity based on strategy and execution of Nokia 7250 IXR hardware running SR Linux NOS and the Fabric Services System operations and automation platform with different vendors’ solutions.

Find out why our high-performance hardware, fully programmable NOS and NetOps toolkit earned high rankings for metrics such as automation and support for network design, deployment and operations

GigaOm Radar for Data Center Switching

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